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  • Why should you hire an interior designer or interior decorators in Chennai?
    An interior designer works to create fully functional architecturally and aesthetically optimised spaces. By studying the age, physical location and direction of the building shell, interior designers combine artistic and scientific solutions, societal and environmental factors to create a functional space. Everything that interior designers do is rooted in methodology, a plan; research, analysis, planning, integration to arrive at what you need.They transform your brick and mortar space into a comfortable living space. Hence, hiring an interior designer for a house is essential. In Chennai, homes need to be designed in a way that makes your living space comfortable. The indoors require unique design aesthetics to counter sweltering weather conditions. Thus, your Chennai house needs the right colour palette, furniture designs, and suitable layouts. And only a professional interior designer can give you the most accurate interior solutions. Moreover, an interior designer/ decorator will help you get the best local vendors to create city-specific designs and decorations.
  • How much do interior designers charge in Chennai?
    Interior design charges depend on several factors. The more premium your interior design theme is the more you will have to pay. In contrast, a minimalistic interior design theme may cost significantly less. So, your budget will need to vary depending on the type of materials, upholstery, flooring, ceiling work, and furniture designs. Thus, you cannot rely on putting a straightforward budget range for home interiors in Chennai or anywhere else. However, as a standard design rate, you can check out the starting ranges of Chennai houses as mentioned below. 1 BHK 3-5 Lakh 2 BHK 7-10Lakh 3 BHK- 7-13Lakh Remember: the charges are just an indication and the exact cost for your home's interiors can only be determined after you meet a designer and share your requirements.
  • What is the most popular interior design in Chennai?
    Chennai is known for its unique mix of traditional and modern designs. Like the city, the homes are a mix of modernity and tradition. These homes reflect the millennial Indian lifestyle. Thus, the most popular interior design for homes in Chennai are those with modern functionalities mixed with traditional elements like lots of woodwork. You will find traditional wood carvings with a combination of contrasting colour schemes, materials and finishes. A popular aspect of Chennai home interiors is earthy elements such as brick cladding walls, heritage artwork, terracotta flooring, cane/bamboo chairs, etc. Besides these, you will also see a lot of traditional style upholstery/ cotton fabrics in Chennai homes.
  • Which type of interior design is best in Chennai?
    Chennai is the haven of rich tradition and culture reflected in their lifestyle, language, food and home interiors. Here are a few interior design styles that are perfect in Chennai, considering their taste for tradition, and love for simple, intelligent design sensibilities, and extreme climate conditions. 1. Traditional Interior Design: If you want to lend an old-world charm to your home, this style is perfect for you. You can use intricate wallpapers, wooden arch designs, golden panelling, ethnic furniture pieces like wooden swings, traditional sofa sets, and accent furniture to beautify your home. Be sure to use a light colour on the walls and let in ample sunlight for a clutter-free look to create an illusion of a bigger space. If you have large windows, use blinders to avoid harsh sunlight. You can opt for terracotta flooring for a cool vibe. Decorate your balcony with natural plants and a swing to enjoy the breeze on a warm summer evening. 2. Eclectic Interior Design: Are you a young urban couple looking for smart interiors to suit your busy lifestyle without compromising the traditional vibe? Eclectic Interior design is best for you. Bring in some traditional decor elements or accents to lend an ethnic charm. Intricate golden handles for your kitchen cabinets, a brick cladding wall, terracotta pillars on the entryway, a swing in your balcony, temple theme wall paintings, cushion covers and curtains and some accent furniture will do the trick for you. 3. Bohemian Design Style: Decorate your home with a lot of indoor plants, light wood furniture and natural elements. Opt for marble or terracotta flooring and use light colour curtains along with blinders. You use natural fabric like cotton, jute or muslin for the cushions, bedsheets and floor rugs. You can add a hammock or swing to accentuate the space. This design style is trendy and excellent to add a relaxed, breezy vibe, perfect for protecting yourself from the scorching Chennai heat.
  • What are the interior design trends in Chennai?
    1. Bold coloured walls and vibrant colour schemes 2. Go with handmade soft furnishings to save the cost of interiors 3. Use of natural stones such as marble for walls and floors 4. Invest in multifunctional furniture with ample storages 5. Handmade, brightly coloured upholsteries with South Indian accents 5. Sustainable furniture, including cane and bamboo materials
  • What are some low-budget interior design ideas in Chennai homes?
    When it comes to home interiors, you can play around with your budget if you follow the proper steps. Here are some low-budget interiors in Chennai homes. 1. Minimalistic interiors with essential furniture pieces 2. Go with handmade soft furnishings to save the cost of interiors 3. Invest in multifunctional furniture with ample storages 4. Set up a modular kitchen design with additional storage 5. Add exposed brick walls for accent elements
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